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Fred Koch was the Joe McCarthy of the American Business world, became paranoid, when he worked in the Soviet Union, after his handler told him how the Communists were infiltrating the U.S.A. in the schools, universities, churches, labor unions, government, armed forces and everywhere else. This little, mid-level bureaucrat of the Soviet Politburo had rattled Koch so bad with his political ranting that it sent Koch on a life-long crusade against the “hidden communist agenda” here in the states. Koch helped to found the John Birch Society which, besides its anti-anything that even smelled like communism/socialism agenda, also tasked itself to make sure the races (meaning white race) stayed pure and they have used violence to ensure that end. Koch said he abhorred communism because while in the Soviet Union, he was able to get a first hand view of the machinations of the politically oppressive Soviet system, and he quickly developed a hatred and disdain for the Soviets. He saw widespread misery, hunger and terror while in the Soviet Union.

I say Bull Shitsky to all that, what the Koch family and the John Birch Society have been covertly and are now overtly pushing for America is a system where, like Soviet Russia, power is all at the top but instead of a Politburo ruling, you have Corporate America at the top controlling everything in everyones’ lives. You have workers being stripped of their rights, work places stripped of their safety measures, the government stripped of any oversight powers, civic entities being stripped of their political rights which are replaced by an overseer appointed by the Koch supported governor, who has the autocratic power to do as he sees fit with whatever entity he is overseeing. There are hundreds of billions of dollars in public holdings of land, buildings and especially utilities that Corporate America has wanted to privatize for years and the Koch appointed overseer can dispose of any and all such property as he sees fit. Schools will be privatized and the academic agenda will have to be approved by the overseer not by parents or community members so they can instill their thought processes into our youth including the “purification” of the races. Already in South Carolina, Koch backed governments are re-segregating the school districts. In state after state and anywhere else these policies and agendas are already in place it is taking America back one hundred years in education, workplaces and in the small governments that were promised becoming big government for the masses while the top tier has the small government, if any, involved in their lives.

It is already getting harder to stop this demolishing of America’s democracy. Tea Party members who have been used by the likes of the Koch, Walker and Armey will end up with the same fate as everyone else once power is solidified. Their government run Medicare, the one they clung to as they railed against government run health care, will be replaced by a voucher system for health insurance that does not cover the costs of the premiums and if you cannot afford the difference then it is tough luck for you if you get sick. Try getting health insurance when you are elderly, with some health problems, it can’t be done or you have to pay exorbitant premiums that pay for little or no coverage and from which you can be expelled from coverage at the whim of the Insurance companies. Social Security will be privatized into individual stock market accounts where unscrupulous agents eat away your savings with any and every fee they can think of, that is if you have any savings left after another downturn in the market caused by inept politicians and/or unbridled greed in the financial sector. Forget about getting help from the state, Social Services and Medicaid were done away with so that the top 2% could pay no taxes, so they can get massive “subsidies”, so they can pollute our environment at will, strip mine our protected forests and National parks and pollute out rivers and shores with uncontrolled and unmonitored energy drilling. Most of the country’s water tables have long been toxic cesspools from untethered hydro-fracturing and our lakes and rivers routinely catch fire after the hydro fracturing waste has been dumped into them.

All the above are not some far-fetched scenarios but are starting to happen all over our land, allowed to happen by politicians who have sold their souls and our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ futures to the highest bidder. Again I say we have to come together in numbers that cannot be ignored and tell those who work for us at every level “ENOUGH!!!”