The Occupy Wall Street Movement is Not Anti-Capitalism

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not about capitalism, it is about the greed of some capitalists. No one is saying that there is no right to make money. It is when greed kicks in to the extent that those overcome by greed do things that are harmful not only to the population at large but to OUR nation and democracy. The Fed should not be set up as an ATM machine for these vultures to strip the Treasury clean after every time they wreck our economy. They should not get bail-out money just to turn around and hand it out in obscene bonuses to the very ones who wrecked our economy. No one has been indicted for causing the worst economic down-turn since the Great Depression, in fact they have been allowed to go right back to the course of business that collapsed our economy so that it is not a question of “if” there will be another crash but just a question of “when”.

The OWS does not want “things for free” but there has to be some kind of relief given to the students who have been laden with debt to get an education, an education that, throughout the American experience, has made the chances of getting meaningful employment after graduation a reality that helped pay those student loans. Now, with the American economy still on the rocks from Bush’s economic disaster and from the Right in Congress doing everything it can to keep the economy on the rocks just to get political points in the next election, that reality that has always been there for our youth as they graduated is no more. There also has to be some kind of relief for homeowners who have lost their jobs due to Wall St crashing the economy, something that is still an ongoing process as the weak recovery sputters along because of not enough demand in the market to stimulate a real, self-sustaining recovery. There also has to be relief for the millions of homeowners who now owe more on their houses than the houses are worth because the housing bubble, that had been artificially created by Wall St bankers gambling with other people’s money, burst causing the value of properties to plummet

Speaking of wanting things for free, why does the 1% want to use our infrastructure (military, ports, airports, interstate highways and bridges etc etc etc ) without paying anything for that use? Why does the 1% want free bail-outs every time they FUBAR our economy? Why does the 1% want free government hand-outs in the form of loopholes and other industry handouts? Why does the 1% want tax free holidays to bring money back into our system that should have remained here while being earned here. Why do the mouth pieces for the 1% not realize corporate welfare costs our country 20 times what individual welfare and assistance costs America without including the fact that it is the 1% that brought on the collapse of our economy that caused 8 million jobs to be lost that has put more people in need of assistance since the Great Depression? Why does the 1% feel so privileged they think they should not be made to pay for the damage they have caused to our macro- and micro- economies?

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