The History of the John Birch Society & the Tea Party

In 1929 to 1932, Fred Koch was in the USSR building oil “cracking” units for Joseph Stalin. His “handler”, a low level member of the politburo, repeatedly told Koch that the Revolution was coming to America with Communists infiltrating the US schools, universities, churches, labor unions, government and the armed forces. Koch believed the handler was one of the original architects of the Communist plan of subversion of the U.S.A. This so rattled Koch that he led a life-long campaign to expose the communists in those institution. In 1958, Koch co-founded the John Birch Society with a group of like minded plutocrats who saw Communists as the cause of the loss of their power over workers, disregarding the fact that it was the horrendous conditions they had kept those workers in for so long that precipitated the loss of said power. It makes it a lot easier to attract followers when you have a straw man to put up as the common enemy and foist the mantle of that straw man on anyone you deem as a threat to your goals. JBS is also an overt racist organization that publically promotes the separation of the races by force if necessary. So they have multiple “boogey men” to scare the easily fooled segments of the public into joining their cause. But that was not enough to wrest a win for their candidate in the 1964 election and Barry Goldwater was resoundly defeated. Fred Koch passed away in 1967 before he was able to build an anti-Communist plutocracy here in America that would have rivaled the USSR in it’s worst days for repression. JBS was ostracized by the Conservative movement in the mid-70s, not for its communist under every bed paranoia or its overt racial tenets, but for saying Eisenhower was a Communist tool.

The Kochs helped groom Reagan for the presidency and get elected and Reagan reciprocated by starting the war on the middle class/unions by breaking the Air Traffic Controllers Union and giving the green light to Corporate America to break contracts in their unionized workplaces. Reagan’s crash of the S & Ls was supposed to cause a crash big enough to bring down the economy enough to wipe out the middle class/unions but the Democrats in Congress were too strong. A new organization had formed, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which had the same values (or lack thereof) of the JBS but worked in a more covert manner than the Society. That is why the Right fought tooth and nail to steal the 2000 election. Bush was Reagan on steroids and aided the war on the middle class/unions by giving tax breaks to corporations to pack up and offshore their facilities. The Right knew if the Banks were allowed to operate unsupervised it would lead to another collapse of our economy only much bigger than the S & L collapse. They had not planned for a Democratic win in the 2008 election and only bailed out the banks and let middle class slide towards extinction.

Enter Obama and his stimulus funds that kept the economy completely collapsing thus helping the middle class to live another day. It was then that the Corporate members of ALEC, the Republicans in Congress and the Tea Party movement (which had been now commandeered by the Koch Brothers with the John Birch Society as its militant wing) started an all out war to ensure Obama could not govern as a Democrat thus making him a one term president. The Republicans in Congress, by political bickering and partisan politics no matter what the issue was, laid cover for the Republican governors and legislators as they started carrying out the agenda set forth by ALEC in bill guidelines drawn up by ALEC lawyers, which those governors and legislators tried to rush through while America was fixated on the circus that Washington had become. State after state pushed through bills that stripped union rights from teachers, municipal and state workers in a blatant attempt to usurp the election process in the US by taking away financial allies from political foes. The aim is to set up an oligarchy where the government is run by plutocrats through their bought and paid for politicians, protected by private security forces and police departments who have been militarized since 9/11 was allowed to happen.

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